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How Neurolens Can Help Alleviate Headaches and Migraines

Do you experience headaches and migraines that negatively impact your day? Millions of people worldwide have these problems. But what if you could find a solution that could ease these symptoms? A new technology called Neurolens tackles the leading cause of headaches and migraines.

Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Your vision and the function of your eyes depend on more than just the shape of your eye and the eye lens. It also depends on the cornea's health, your tears, and how well they work. Many people do not think their tears are as helpful in facilitating sight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neurolens Eye Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

Today, almost everything is digital, meaning we spend most of our time looking at screens. Besides our leisure time, we spend most of our workdays on digital screens. A common outcome of this for many people is digital eyestrain, and those with eye misalignment may develop specific symptoms.

Taking Steps to Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is a growing health concern affecting millions of people in America. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing several eye conditions, including diabetic retinopathy. Fortunately, there are several practical steps you can take to prevent this condition and preserve your vision.

Why Annual Diabetic Eye Exams Matter

As many as one in ten Americans suffer from diabetes – a metabolic condition that occurs when your body can’t control your blood sugar levels properly. As a result, it’s possible to have dangerously high or low blood sugar – something which can make you extremely unwell and that could, over time, cause serious damage to your organs.

When to Choose Scleral Lenses vs. RGP Lenses

Choosing the right contact lenses can be daunting with the various options available today. However, professional medical advice and evaluation can help tremendously. RGP lenses and scleral lenses are beneficial to patients with various vision concerns. Although they help treat similar eye conditions, their functions and composition are different. Here are a few considerations when deciding between the two:

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